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Hello, my name is Bastiaan Slabbers and I am a full-time freelance photographer, visual journalist, community educator and bicycle enthusiast based out of Philadelphia, PA.  I am currently available for editorial assignments, creative projects and hands-on workshops.

I am constantly raising the bar - developing new ways to produce superb visual content and more effective methods to tell compelling stories, while raising artistic standards.  This is no short term goal.  I deliver consistent, high quality work and am committed to finding new ways to improve on my past achievements. 

Growing up in an artistic family, I focused on Visual Arts/Multimedia from an early age. I studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague, the Netherlands. In those days digital imaging was still in its infancy. Feeling the growing potential of the digital area I found myself often limited by the facilities, but guided by the structure of this classical institute. Many experiments in (digital) photography, film/video and sculpture followed, gaining more experience in multimedia while doing. 

With a world market quickly evolving toward e-commerce, I developed and built, from the ground up, a successful web-store plus the retail work-flow to support it.  Designing and improving work flow has become one of my specialties.

The potential of hyper-local media grabbed me when photographing for Haarlem105, the public news station of my home city.  A number of freelance assignments from various clients followed, including an international promotion campaign for Canon-Europe. 

I relocated to Philadelphia in summer 2010.  While acclimating to cheesesteaks, hoagies and the Phillies, I worked on a variety of personal projects.  In October 2010, this resulted in an invitation to participate in an exciting new project of WHYY:  

"I first came across Bas Slabbers' photography while looking for photographs of President Obama's recent visit to Germantown. His photos reminded me of looking at Life magazine when I was growing up. I contacted him and asked him to bring that same eye to Mt. Airy." - Alan Tu, Community Editor for WHYY's

I am fascinated by evolving media technology and the ability to publish quality content in a blink of an eye.  In a landscape that is constantly evolving, my vision, skills, adaptability and ability to foresee the trends creates the competitive edge that I offer.

It keeps me excited, rejuvenated and able to continually exceed my clients' requests.